Welcome to the ThotBot Implantation Center information page. The ThotBot program has been tremendously successful since it was launched post-Impact and continues to unite the minds of citizens toward the common goal of making our society great again. ThotBot is compulsory and all must register for Implantation on or before their 18th birthday. Click here to attend an informational meeting.

Praise for Thotbot

If you ask me, Suggested Thots are the way to go. I randomize them, so it’s almost as if I’m the one thinking them! It’s been awesome not having to think for myself. And my Value must be through the roof!

-- Paul, Great Island

I was a mess before the program launched. Up, down, hope, depression, fear, terror. A roller coaster of emotions. Now, Tranquility™ has slowed everything way down. WAY down. I truly feel...nothing. A blessing and a miracle.

-- Marcia, The Valley

Just get it. I mean, you have to get it, but you know what I mean! A tremendous experience. The best experience. Ask anyone.

-- Don, Great Island

Our lives depended on Redemption. Without ThotBot, we had no way of getting the supplies we needed to keep the flames back. We love Crazy Ed’s Redemption Centers!

-- Xavier, The Plateau

I was reading my son’s ULTRA History book the other day. Impact sounds like a nightmare. I, for one, am damn glad ULTRApure technology zapped that traumatic experience from my memory. Ignorance is bliss, amirite?

-- Jean, The Valley