"Hello, ThotBot"

To acces your ThotBot Interface (TBI), say, “Hello, ThotBot” and the interface will appear in your periphery. You may also access the interface by inputting your ID number into a public terminal. To switch between functions such as The FEED, the Suggested Thot library, and more, say, “ThotBot, open [function name].” Click here to attend an informational meeting.

Suggested Thots

It’s the Thot that Counts, so why not make sure all your thoughts are ULTRA approved? Maximize your Value with this function. New! Schedule to happen at random, giving the illusion of originality.


The ULTRA broadcast coalition, known collectively as The FEED, includes the habit-forming ThoBot Redemption Network, life-saving SurvivalisTV tutorials, plus weather and more. The most popular function of the Interface, The FEED is your only source of information and entertainment.


No fuel ration? No problem! With TalkBot, the video calling module, your distant loved ones come to you. All you need is the ID of the person you are trying to reach, and TalkBot will connect you.