Upon arrival at your regional ThotBot Implantation Center, you will undergo a physical examination. Some conditions* may disqualify you from the program as they might interfere with the functionality of your ThotBot brain implant device. Should you be disqualified from the program, you will be detained, and an ULTRA Operative will discuss your options** going forward. Click here to attend an informational meeting.

*For example, the slowed heartbeat (bradycardia) associated with ThotBot requires optimal cardiovascular health. Candidates with heart conditions may be disqualified.
**Those disqualified from the program immediately become Property of The ULTRA. Detainees are unlikely to be released back into the general population.

A New You

Moments after the device infiltrates your brain, ThotBot technology attacks the amygdala to calm stormy emotions using Tranquility™, then delivers a stunning blow to the hippocampus, selectively reconfiguring potentially harmful memories using ULTRApure technology.

A More Valuable You

Once Implanted, your Value begins to accrue as The ULTRA Algorithm applies points to your thoughts. You will be shown a short film -- What’s My Value? -- before leaving the Center. This educational video will offer tips, tricks, and best practices for maximizing your Value.