It's the ThotBot That Counts

At any time, you may Redeem your Value. As your Value increases, so does the quality of your Redemption. It's easy! Comply, Add Value, Redeem!

Choose a Beneficiary! You asked, we listened. Simply navigate to the Beneficiary settings in your TBI and enter the routing information for the recipient of your Redemption.

What To Expect When You Redeem

  • Money
  • The most common Redemption is a cash payout in the form of credit at Crazy Ed's Redemption Centers. Find a wide selection of survivalist gear, ration upgrades, ULTRA memory plug-ins, fuel rations, and more, at the only government owned and operated supply outlets.

  • Jobs with The ULTRA
  • What better way to start rebuilding your Value after reboot than to serve The ULTRA? 100% of Operatives report being proud to serve The ULTRA.

  • Papers
  • Only the most elite are rewarded for their loyalty with Wall Passes for passage between The Valley and The Plateau, and/or Great Island visas.

  • ULTRAcare
  • Highly sought after health care coverage. Maximize the possibilties by first Redeeming for money as most medicines and procedures are quite expensive.

  • Etc
  • Tune in to the ThotBot Redemption Network for 24/7 coverage of Redemption stories from across the world.